My yearly rebirth

For years I’ve had New Year’s resolutions to commit to blogging. This year isn’t any different!

So, what is different? For one, I feel I have more to share with the world now. I recently moved back to North Carolina, took up motorcycling again, and have professionally refocused on computer security.

In a surprising turn of events, Twitter recently torched its community goodwill and has suffered a massive brain drain. While this has been felt most acutely in the computer security industry, other groups, such as journalists, have also moved to Mastodon. I’ve tried my hand at Mastodon too, and while it’s been a good way to connect with more local personalities, it still feels a bit empty and hollow.

The post-Twitter shift has made room for a nascent renaissance in distributed social media and even blogging. There's been a clamor for folks to Start a Fucking Blog. Feeds are back en vogue, even if they have taken on a new flavor: ActivityPub.

Now blogs such as this one have ActivityPub feeds, which means they can be followed on Mastodon (this one is Even a decade after it was declared dead, RSS is still around and Feedly is as good as ever.

It remains to be seen what will be done with this next-to-new-found-land.